May 18 • 42M

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Faith Toward God (3): The Source of Scriptural Faith

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We present the gospel and doctrine of Jesus Christ in relation to everyday living on earth and preparation for eternity in heaven.
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We note that the source of scriptural faith is the word of God, spoken or written. God’s word—the Bible—enables us to affirm or refute comments or messages from people. When the content of a book or write-up contradicts the contents of the Bible, we must jettison the contents of the book. When a prophet or preacher says something contrary to the contents of the Bible, even if they claim that an angel spoke to them, we must jettison their message! The Bible is where we get authentic information about God, His Christ, His Spirit, and His doings and dealings! This authentic message from, and about, God brings faith to us, enabling us to put our trust in God!