Mar 5 • 9M

The Book of Haggai (32): The Shakings of God

What are the shakings of God? And why do they occur?

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We present the gospel and doctrine of Jesus Christ in relation to everyday living on earth and preparation for eternity in heaven.

In this last part of the conclusion on the Book of Haggai, we discuss the shakings of God to understand the place of divine shakings in the world today. When God brings shakings, He is heralding changes and events about to take place in our lives, society, nations, and the world.

We also review the various conclusions we have discussed over the last six series, including this one, on the conclusion of the Book of Haggai. We must not be content with this podcast but also read, the Book of Haggai again privately and be attentive to what God wants to speak to us about our lives.

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